Supercharged project development for linear infrastructure

At Continuum Industries, we understand the fundamental importance of project development to each infrastructure project, which is why we developed our product specifically to support developers, asset owners and their consultants from the earliest stages.

Our multi-disciplinary team has developed a suite of solutions for each type of infrastructure and for distinct project stages and tasks. We believe that the future of infrastructure development is a team where humans work together with machines. This led us to create solutions that balance automation with human intuition to achieve the best outcomes.

Pipelines - water, hydrogen & gas
Underground & subsea
Power lines & cables
Underground, overhead & subsea
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Early-stage project scoping and bid preparation

In just four clicks, generate a broad range of designs to quickly understand the project scope and scale. Use automated costing and evaluation to make informed decisions early and better communicate with stakeholders.

Route Optioneering

Use Optioneer to rapidly generate, evaluate and iterate on millions of potential design options to find the best ones. Gain better understanding of the trade-offs between criteria and improve how the decisions are communicated to stakeholders.

Automated Design Calculations And Report Generation

Automate the laborious process of producing quantity reports - Optioneer automatically calculates earthworks volumes, numbers of affected land owners or any affected species. Other quantities can also be defined by the user and exported in an appropriate report format

Environmental Impact Assessment

The project's environmental footprint should be a driving factor in any design process, not be an afterthought. Optioneer integrates Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) into the option generation and optimisation process to make it easily accessible to all project team members. Optioneer also helps to rapidly quantify the impact and export reports to document the data and analysis.

Incredible companies use Optioneer

The future of civil engineering is a human + machine team

Mott MacDonald and Continuum Industries have teamed up to combine the best of human and artificial intelligence (AI).

This case study showcases how engineers can apply AI to do much faster, more detailed optioneering at the start of any linear project and save millions in project costs.

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Let us know if you are considering using Optioneer for your project and our team will be happy to advise how it would best fit into your workflow or provide a quote.

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