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We’re transforming linear infrastructure planning for the benefit of people and the planet

Continuum Industries’ platform Optioneer represents a significant shift in how critical, national, linear infrastructure is developed. Our AI-powered technology delivers a more detailed and comprehensive assessment of options compared to traditional methods, whilst enabling key stakeholder priorities to be considered right from the beginning.

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Supporting stakeholders in linear infrastructure planning

Optioneer’s more flexible and consistent approach to option identification and assessment increases transparency and can bring NGOs, civil society and government closer to the process.

Increasing the accessibility  of planning and decision making

Optioneer helps developers to identify potential corridors and routes more quickly, enabling communities to work with them on local issues much earlier in the process when options are still open.

Reflecting public expectations and environmental needs

Our platform can enable NGOs and civil society groups to identify the most important environmental and social impacts early on, so they form part of the option evaluation process. Optioneer’s flexible route assessment allows developers to take account of changing climate and public views, whilst balancing cost considerations, before finalising any option proposals.

Building and sustaining trust

Our technology increases certainty in developer and government decision-making by demonstrating a more comprehensive option analysis standard that doesn’t compromise on assessment quality or timelines. Net zero goals, energy security, wider resilience, and green growth can all be assisted by accelerated infrastructure development.

New Approach

Building a new approach to linear infrastructure planning

Projects with robust early stakeholder engagement are more likely to result in mutually agreeable proposals. Continuum Industries is working  with representatives from community groups, NGOs and other key external stakeholders to develop a common language and leading practice on linear infrastructure  planning. That’s why we’re partnering with public engagement specialist, Sharon Darcy, to establish an independent Linear Infrastructure Planning Panel.

Social, environmental and economic metrics

The panel will consider which metrics should inform assessments for the planning of critical linear infrastructure.

Community interaction

The panel will seek to understand how new approaches and processes can best support  communities and developers in their discussions about local impacts.

Confidence in new technological approaches

The panel will explore how to build and sustain public confidence in the use of algorithms and advanced software for linear infrastructure planning.

Sharon Darcy
Sustainability expert

Meet Sharon Darcy

Sharon brings over 20 years of board experience and has sat on multiple expert advisory panels, including for Ofgem, the UK Regulators’ Network and the National Infrastructure Commission, and has been a Council member of Which?. Sharon was most recently the CEO of Sustainability First, a leading environmental, social and economic think tank focused on utilities.

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