Complete a robust assessment, in less time

Analyse millions of potential overhead power line corridors in detail, in less time compared to traditional methods.

Engage local communities earlier in the process

Consult with local communities much earlier in the process with faster, more responsive and more visual route planning.

Plan long-term network development with detailed data

Avoid hidden traps during later project stages and carry out rapid constructability and consentability assessment alongside power flow modelling.


Easy to implement and quick to learn

Seamless account set-up

We’ll configure an instance of Optioneer especially for your team and support you in uploading your data to complement Optioneer’s existing integration with GIS open-source data sets.

An intuitive interface for AI-powered tech

Optioneer is easy to use with an intuitive user experience. It only takes a couple of hours for users to be trained and ready to leverage the platform’s AI-powered technology.

Optioneering best practice and advisory

A Customer Success Manager will be appointed to your team. You’ll receive advice and help on getting the most from Optioneer’s comprehensive methodology and we’ll give you a heads up on new features and functionality when released.

Assessment Criteria

Overcome key power line constraints for better route options

Optioneer’s AI-powered engine will simultaneously analyse dozens of qualitative and quantitative constraints that are unique to overhead line and underground cable development, helping you to identify better route scenarios to progress your programme.

Environmental Impact

  • Avoiding designated sites (e.g. SSSIs, National Parks, RAMSAR, Natura2000)
  • Minimising impact on protected habitats
  • Minimising impact on environmental receptors within proximity of the asset

Human Impact

  • Avoiding population centres
  • Reporting viewshed area
  • Identifying land parcel crossings
  • Following existing right-of-ways
  • Minimising number of buildings and social constraints in proximity

Cultural & Socioeconomic

  • Avoiding impacts on listed buildings and protected sites, historical features, monuments
  • Minimising impact on landscape and tourist attractions


  • Minimising line angle changes
  • Identifying crossings of existing infrastructure
  • Taking into account maximum spans and tower types

Technical Risks

  • Considering site access by minimising distance from nearest road
  • Avoiding steep slopes
  • Avoiding surface water and flood zones, contaminated or hazardous sites


  • Providing tower cost estimates
  • Calculating conductor requirement estimates
  • Estimating construction costs (access roads, foundations etc.)
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