Hydrogen networks

Simplify and accelerate hydrogen network development

Leverage the intelligence of an AI-powered optioneering engine to streamline complex hydrogen network development, and submit stronger planning applications for new connections.

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Hydrogen networks

Identify more sustainable hydrogen pipeline routes

Overcome environmental constraints, avoid sensitive areas and meet sustainability objectives for your project.

Leverage best practice optioneering methodologies

Implement a flexible and repeatable route planning methodology for hydrogen network development.

Evaluate more route options, in less time

Analyse millions of potential hydrogen pipeline routes in detail with the first options returned in just hours.

Develop quickly while maintaining safety requirements

Ensure minimum distance requirements to buildings and assets are considered from day one.

Intelligent Optineering

Implement intelligent optioneering technology for better hydrogen networks

Import geospatial data

Leverage Optioneer’s open source GIS data and upload your own information on the project area

Set rules and generate route options

Configure route parameters and constraints for Optioneer to prioritise on the shortlisted routes it generates

Evaluate route data and iterate

Evaluate routes with interactive maps and KPI visualisations, and make instant updates to optimise each route scenario

Export data to existing software

Export data on preferred routes to existing GIS or CAD software for detailed design and preparation

Assessment Criteria

Weigh up every constraint for more robust route analysis

Optioneer’s AI-powered route engine will dissect geospatial data, consider any routing limitations and balance key priorities such as cost or environmental targets to propose the most relevant hydrogen pipeline options for your project.

Environmental Impact

  • Avoiding designated sites (e.g. SSSIs, National Parks, RAMSAR, Natura2000)
  • Minimising impact on protected habitats
  • Minimising impact on environmental receptors within proximity of the asset


  • Minimising number land parcels crossed
  • Minimising number of constraints in proximity of the route
  • Minimising distance to nearest connection points


  • Avoiding densely populated areas
  • Maintaining buffer zones from existing assets
  • Ensuring minimum cover based on land type

Engineering & Installation

  • Choosing suitable open-cut and trenchless methods
  • Identifying crossings linear features
  • Avoiding existing underground utilities
  • Following of existing right-of-ways

Technical Risks

  • Avoiding buildings, functional sites
  • Minimising crossing of steep slopes
  • Avoiding surface water and flood zones, contaminated or hazardous sites


  • Calculating earthworks volumes and costs
  • Calculating required material quantities and associated costs
  • Determining high-level construction estimates (costs, access, drainage)
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