Water networks

Design water networks that stand up to regulatory scrutiny

Assess route scenarios that balance environmental, cost, engineer and stakeholder considerations, with a more robust route selection process that helps you secure available funding for your project.

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Water networks

Analyse millions of pipeline corridors, in greater detail

Undertake a robust route selection process and identify lifetime costs, whilst sticking to strict deadlines.

Address environmental obstacles, ahead of time

Mitigate protected and sensitive areas whilst balancing cost and engineering parameters so your route planning stays on track.

Build trust with stakeholders, from the beginning

Engage outside stakeholders and reflect their feedback earlier on with flexible route planning and assessment criteria.

Using Optioneer

Undertake AI-powered pipeline optioneering with an easy-to-use platform

Implement AI-powered tech without technical qualifications

Fully leverage the intelligence of AI-powered tech with an intuitive interface that everyone in your team can use. Analyse millions of routes in more detail, and accelerate your projects with the ease of digital route optioneering.

Apply a flexible, repeatable routing methodology

Scale up route evaluation within a highly configurable, linear optioneering framework. Determine key rules and constraints to generate your first pipeline option shortlists, and make quick, real-time route updates when new data and assumptions arise.

Streamline your end-to-end optioneering workflow

Incorporate Optioneer into a more streamlined, end-to-end optioneering workflow. Identify better route options in less time and export data into existing GIS and CAD software for more detailed design work.

Water Corridor Analysis

Consider every constraint for stronger route selection

From lowering lifetime costs to avoiding designated sites and bypassing existing assets, Optioneer’s AI-powered engine will balance multiple constraints and provide detailed GIS data analysis to help you prepare stronger pipeline route shortlists for public consultation and regulator approval.

Environmental Impact

  • Avoiding designated sites (e.g. SSSIs, National Parks, RAMSAR, Natura2000)
  • Minimising impact on protected habitats
  • Minimising impact on environmental receptors within proximity of the asset


  • Gravity and pumped schemes with simple models
  • Ensuring basic flow and head requirements
  • TOTEX calculations based on power requirements, asset lifetime and pump station costs

Cultural & Socioeconomic

  • Avoiding impacts on listed buildings and protected sites, historical features, monuments
  • Minimising impact on landscape and tourist attractions

Engineering & Installation

  • Choosing suitable open-cut and trenchless methods
  • Identifying crossings linear features
  • Avoiding existing underground utilities
  • Following of existing right-of-ways

Technical Risk

  • Avoiding buildings, functional sites
  • Minimising crossing of steep slopes
  • Avoiding surface water and flood zones, contaminated or hazardous sites
  • Keeping minimum & maximum required gradients
  • Determining indicative placement of air-valves and washouts
  • Ensuring required minimum cover


  • Calculating earthworks volumes and costs
  • Calculating required material quantities and associated costs
  • Determining high-level construction estimates due to access or complex crossings
  • Estimating required pumping, operational and whole life cycle costs
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