Mainstream uses Optioneer to explore grid connection scenarios as it develops three offshore wind farms

Mainstream Renewable Power is one of the leading developers of offshore wind with assets spanning across the globe. Mainstream is currently developing three sites off the east, southeast and west coasts of Ireland, with plans for significant offshore wind energy developments at each location and designed to support the Government’s Net Zero targets for 2030.

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Optioneer helps SSEN Transmission choose the final alignment for a renewable energy development in West of Scotland

SSEN Transmission are responsible for providing grid connections for renewable generation in the North of Scotland. New renewable energy connection requests mean that new export connections are required, either as a reinforcement of an existing line or a new line.

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Optioneer helps Southern Water with a challenging pipeline project within a National Park

Southern Water are responsible for freshwater and wastewater networks in Southern England, covering an area in excess of 10,000 km2 and serving millions of people. Due to changing freshwater supply patterns, a portfolio of new pipelines is currently in various stages of development.

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Energia and Xodus study millions of cable routes to select preferred options

Energia are currently progressing the development of two offshore wind projects to support Ireland's 5GW target by 2030. Xodus were contracted by Energia to complete cable optioneering to compare and rank grid connection options (in line with EirGrid's SOEF Roadmap) and export cable route(s) based on a desktop study, making associated recommendations on the preferred grid connection point for each project.

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The future of civil engineering is a human + machine team

Mott MacDonald and Continuum Industries have teamed up to combine the best of human and artificial intelligence (AI). This case study showcases how engineers can apply AI to do much faster, more detailed optioneering at the start of any linear project and save millions in project costs.

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