Security & trust

Software built for privacy and security

Continuum Industries implement industry-leading data security standards, safeguards and system monitoring practices, for 24/7 data protection and peace of mind.

Organisational Security

Ensuring data security for enterprise partners

We understand the importance of data and platform security for large enterprises in highly regulated industries. Continuum Industries takes data protection very seriously, implementing best practice security operations to ensure data security and reliability.

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Meeting international compliance and certification standards

Our engineering and security team have adopted international security standards, regulations, and applicable laws in creating the security policies and procedures that govern the development and operation of our software.


Continuum Industries closely observes the

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Continuum Industries closely observes the European Union’s General and Data Protection Regulation and continuously performs audits to ensure compliance with the regulation, including updates and recommended changes to interpretation.


Continuum Industries has been certified to

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Continuum Industries has been certified to the ISO27001:2013 standard. This certification confirms our operating model for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and improving information security management for Optioneer, so you can be assured of the highest standards of data protection.


A platform with data protection at its core

We know how important it is to secure sensitive data. That’s why security is always our top priority at Optioneer.


We use Auth0, an industry standard in authentication and authorisation, to store and handle all user details. This ensures robust identity access management with sensitive data (including user passwords) stored securely.

Back up and Disaster recovery

We undertake automated backups daily to ensure any part of the system can be restored as part of our disaster recovery procedures. We test this on a regular basis to ensure backup success. All backups are automatically deleted after some time to protect sensitive data from being retrieved.

Logs and analytics

We store system events, select logs and analytics for at least one year to improve functionality and security, and to ensure a timely and effective response to any security incident.


All traffic to and from Optioneer is encrypted with either TLS1.2 or TLS1.3 and all sensitive data is encrypted at rest.


We provide the option to use MFA for login as an extra layer of security.


All data attached to a project is stored securely throughout its lifecycle. Once the project is marked as completed, data is irretrievable deleted after 60 days.

Our Algorithm

Building trust in artificial intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence is radically changing how work gets done. From increasing the speed and quality of decisions, to enabling deeper and more complex data analysis, AI offers many positive opportunities for organisations and society. That’s why we’re working hard to build trust in a technology which we have adopted, to deliver a more transparent, inclusive and sustainable approach to route optioneering.


We ensure all input data and assumptions are documented, controlled and made available for review. We provide our customers detailed information on how the tool works, as well as making its analysis and results transparent.

Public inclusion and engagement

We are supporting an independent panel that advises on how to build public confidence in the use of AI and other new approaches for significant infrastructure planning.

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