Automate analysis of millions of potential routes

Evaluate more routes in less time, earlier in the project lifecycle, with all the data your team needs, so you can lower planning risk, improve cost efficiencies and reduce impact on society and the environment.

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Analyse millions of routes

Optioneer will analyse environmental, social, engineering and cost factors simultaneously, on millions of potential routes, for stronger route shortlists.

Generate options in hours

Generate route options, with detailed insights for a robust evaluation, in hours - not months, so your team is freed up to work on tackling the hardest problems.

Make updates in real time

Make instant changes to inputs and design rules, and quickly generate updated route scenario assessments so you can advance your projects with fewer delays.

Joe Shinkwin
Civil Engineer, Mainstream Renewable Power
“We used Optioneer’s AI to efficiently seek the most feasible offshore and onshore cable routes, narrowing down millions of options to a shortlist. We then utilised the platform to further refine these routes, simply and efficiently collaborating across the project team”

End-to-end optioneering

One iterative workflow for faster, more comprehensive optioneering

From scoping design parameters and assessing estimated costs to making final iterations, Optioneer delivers a single, repeatable workflow for a flexible, collaborative and thorough optioneering process.

Determine key criteria for the best potential routes
  • Establish parameters for your preferred route, including environmental, engineering, social, cultural and cost considerations
  • Save core design rule ‘models’ for future route identification and assessment
  • Configure penalties and restrictions, and designate individual layers as ‘no-go zones’
Generate a shortlist from millions of potential routes
  • Define start and end points, including waypoints, and apply design rules to optimise route shortlisting
  • Return relevant options with the first routes appearing in just an hour
Identify strong routes for your infrastructure project
  • Compare scenarios on an interactive map
  • Explore corridors in detail
  • Iterate on key route parameters and impacts with an intuitive GIS panel configurator
  • Visualise key geographic features, topography, and key site assets
  • Create complete Black, Red, Amber, Green (BRAG) assessment tables in minutes
Evaluate shortlisted routes across teams and departments
  • Make iterations to routes when new data arises or assumptions change and compare options side-by-side
  • Review key performance indicators including construction cost, numbers of crossings or excavation volumes
  • Collaborate on site feedback and route parameters with route commenting
  • Keep a record of key decisions and discussions at each stage of the route assessment process
Seamlessly export data files to existing design tools
  • Export preferred route metadata to CAD or GIS software for more detailed design and refinement
  • Flexible export file formats that can be configured to meet your needs

Use Cases

Network development planning

  • Long-term network planning for utilities
  • Consideration of environmental and social impacts together with engineering and cost considerations
  • Positioning future projects for success and mitigating potential risks from the beginning

Route identification & optioneering

  • Identification of corridors, routes and alignments
  • Rapid optioneering on alternatives
  • Development of compelling alternatives to maximise chances of successful permitting applications
  • Assessment of metrics indicating cost, technical risk, impact on environment and population

Baseline assessment for consenting & permitting

  • Automated capture of baseline data for Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Statements
  • Automated updates of documents during iteration to avoid delays

Substation siting

  • Automated identification of substation options
  • Assessment of alternative sites and their impact on the routes of connecting lines and cables
  • Reporting on the impact on population and environment

Grid (inter)connection for renewables and storage

  • Assessment of where to connect based on preliminary routing data to minimise risk
  • Routing and project development up to grant of permit

Biodiversity baseline assessment

  • Preliminary biodiversity assessments from the start of linear projects to avoid mitigation fees
  • Documentation of baseline parameters

Conceptual studies for competitive tenders

  • Preparation of conceptual assessments for competitive transmission or renewables projects
  • Access to unprecedented level of detail without extra effort to increase confidence in price and proposals

Stakeholder engagement and public consultation

  • Presenting the process in a transparent and clear way
  • Iterating with stakeholders on alternatives to reach understanding and arrive at compromise

Early contractor engagement

  • Early collaboration with contractors to inform permitting of constructible routes
  • Collaboration with contractors and specialist consultants on the latest data without extra effort
  • Quick onboarding of new contractors with full project context

Assessment Criteria

Identify better route options that need less rework

Whether it’s an onshore or offshore cable, an overhead power line or a pipeline, Optioneer’s AI will simultaneously assess dozens of complex design rule criteria, on millions of potential routes, and generate an optimised shortlist of tailored options for a more vigorous route appraisal.

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