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Transform route optioneering - with AI-powered tech

Move towards automated, accelerated and more complete route assessment - with our intuitive cloud-based software.

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intelligent optioneering

The intelligence of automated optioneering

Optioneer’s AI-powered engine will analyse millions of options, and return the most relevant ones for your development programme - in just a few hours. Whether you implement new feedback or change the parameters of your project, let Optioneer quickly update your options for a robust evaluation.

Deliver more robust optioneering for your company, for local communities and for the environment

Drive efficiencies across every project

Manage a truly comprehensive and repeatable route selection process in a fraction of the time compared to traditional approaches. Redirect resources from optioneering to other areas of your programme for more optimal infrastructure development.

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Empower your teams to work smarter

Drive collaboration between diverse teams and departments on one platform and ensure everyone’s views get considered for better decision making. Let Optioneer work hard to analyse millions of development options and free up your teams to do more important work on evaluating good route and connection scenarios in detail.

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Balance community priorities with intelligent optioneering

Optioneer allows you to consider external stakeholders much earlier in the project lifecycle. Implement feedback in real-time, visualise updated route scenarios in more engaging workshop settings, and build positive community relations from day one.

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Develop infrastructure that supports your sustainability goals

Optioneer helps energy companies to plan developments that meet requirements on low emissions targets, and prioritise environmental protections and sustainability.

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Better decisions come faster through closer collaboration

Collaborate in one platform with key internal and external stakeholders, and ensure that everyone’s views are considered at major project milestones.

Streamline internal collaboration

Make collaboration between teams more efficient and transparent. Involve decision makers earlier on in the process, including external consultants, projects managers and technical staff, and ensure everyone sees the data so you get the big decisions right.

Centralise external feedback management

Use Optioneer to record key data and feedback from external workshops and site visits. Incorporate new information into route updates so everything is managed in one place, making it easier to satisfy stakeholder concerns and route constraints.

Audit every decision made

Keep a record of key decisions and discussions at each stage of the route assessment process. Optioneer is your single source of truth which the whole team can easily reference whenever needed.

Why Optioneer?

Current approach

Manually identify limited route scenarios

Automate analysis on millions of routes

Determine few route options in months

Generate diverse route options in hours

Laborious manual data collection

Open-source datasets automatically integrated

Route changes and updates take weeks

Flexible, real-time route iterations

Multiple communication channels

Coordinate all teams' communications and activities in a single platform

Various tools and documents to store route information

One record on route data and decision making

Manually put together quantity reports and calculations

Automate calculations and report generation

Manual data input and upload into GIS/CAD software

Seamless data export to GIS/CAD software

Same approach to route optioneering with limited evolution

Subscription software with regular updates and enhancements

“ At the start of the study, Optioneer allowed us to simply and efficiently narrow down the very long list of route options to a manageable shortlist and form a robust basis for further detailed interrogation. ”
Project Manager
Get up and running fast

We’ve already helped major network owners like National Grid and SSE move quickly to AI-powered route optioneering. From us, you’ll get a tailored onboarding and partnership plan that moves as fast as you.

Get going quickly

We’ll migrate data into your own instance of Optioneer and personally onboard and train your team. The platform is intuitive and easy to adopt, so you can get going as soon as you’re ready.

Get help when you need it

Access frontline support for any issue you may come across. We also have an in-app help centre so you can troubleshoot quickly on your own.

Get more with Optioneer

A dedicated Customer Success Manager will advise you on how to get the most from Optioneer. You’ll also get training on new features and functionality so you’re always getting more value from the partnership.

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