Optioneer helps Southern Water with a challenging pipeline project within a National Park

Southern Water are responsible for freshwater and wastewater networks in Southern England, covering an area in excess of 10,000 km2 and serving millions of people. Due to changing freshwater supply patterns, a portfolio of new pipelines is currently in various stages of development.

Traditional engineering approaches that rely on manual methods typically constrain the level of detail and the number of route options that can be considered due to scheduling and resource constraints. This makes it very difficult for Southern Water to ‘defend’ their preferred routes and often leads to delays, additional costs and reputational challenges.

Following a 6-week pilot, Southern Water and Continuum Industries developed concepts for five possible routes, ensuing a review of constraint weightings and technical parameters. Throughout the project, the Optioneer interface served as a single source of truth, allowing the project team to collaborate online and streamline the project development process on a 15-20 km long pipeline.

In the process, main constraints and risks were identified and around a dozen of potential corridors were highlighted with full reporting of various constraints and risks along the routes. In the following months, a more in-depth review will take place and Optioneer will potentially be used as a basis to engage with external stakeholders.

"We have had a great experience using Optioneer to assess route options for a new pipeline scheme. Normally, it would take us months to review and iterate on multiple routes through environmentally sensitive and protected locations, but we've been able to complete our work in weeks using Optioneer. The visual heat maps that it generates show all of the options that we have explored and we will use them to explain the choices that we've made to safeguard the environment to local stakeholders."
    Tamzyn Janes, Project Manager, Southern Water

the Case study

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