Energia and Xodus study millions of cable routes to select preferred options

Energia are currently progressing the development of two offshore wind projects to support Ireland's 5GW target by 2030. Xodus were contracted by Energia to complete cable optioneering to compare and rank grid connection options (in line with EirGrid's SOEF Roadmap) and export cable route(s) based on a desktop study, making associated recommendations on the preferred grid connection point for each project.

Each wind farm has a number of potential grid connection options and the wind farm, substation and landfall locations were unknown meaning an almost infinite number of potential offshore / onshore routeing options for the export cable. With the help of AI software Optioneer a significant number of routes were evaluated in greater detail than would be possible with traditional engineering approaches, particularly in the offshore domain.

Combined with expert technical review and specialist input across multiple technical criteria the study allowed a comprehensive relative comparison of the large number of routeing options. At the start of the study, Optioneer allowed us to simply and efficiently narrow down the very long list of route options to a manageable shortlist and form of robust basis for further detailed interrogation.

the Case study

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