Improve clarity and consensus through advanced visualisation tools
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Product Update

Optioneer Product Update: Improve clarity and consensus through advanced visualisation tools

It’s the final week of our biggest product update ever and this time we’re focusing on the new, advanced tools we’ve released to enhance visualisation.

Giving a clear picture of your infrastructure plans to your internal and external stakeholders can greatly improve your ability to move to a position of consensus because your stakeholders are able to understand your plans easily and give immediate feedback. Whether it’s showing a project area in 3D or showing a flyover of a projected route, the clarity your team and your stakeholders gain from using these new tools is game-changing.

De-risk urban planning with photorealistic 3D visualisation

Optioneer's newest feature allows the photorealistic visualisation of landscapes in 3D using Google’s Photorealistic 3D Tiles. Powering up your project planning, 3D visuals accelerate your ability to make decisions and mitigate risks earlier in your project, particularly in urban and suburban settings. The feature not only provides a detailed view and improves your ability to visualise projects in their real-world context but also makes the process much more immersive and interactive for public consultations.

Additionally, this integration feeds up-to-date Google satellite data directly into Optioneer, enabling users to access the latest geographical information without the need for external tools like Google Maps.

Why is this a game-changer?

  • Advanced visualisation: Offers a realistic visual experience for improved risk identification and better public engagement.
  • Up-to-date satellite data: Integrates the latest Google satellite data for accurate project visualisation and development.
  • Integrated experience: Integrates photorealistic 3D views without the need for external tools.

Elevate stakeholder engagement with customisable flyover animations

The Route Flyover Animation feature allows you to animate the camera along the projected route of a project, providing a customisable flyover animation with just one click. A tool which can replace a thousand words, flyover animations are particularly useful for public consultations, creating videos, and stakeholder engagement events, offering a dynamic and comprehensive visualisation of routes and project plans. Watching a simulated fly-through along the project path, helps stakeholders gain an immediate understanding of the project scope and context in 3D space, supercharging their engagement. Adding this ability to Optioneer allows you and your team to move from planning to presentation seamlessly, all within one platform.

 Why is this a game-changer?

  • Dynamic visualisation: Brings projects to life and generates deeper understanding among stakeholders.
  • Efficient engagement tool: Ideal for PR and public engagement professionals, this feature makes Optioneer the perfect tool for presenting at public events, offering detailed, map-based flyover animations in a matter of seconds.
  • Streamlined Process: Simplifies preparation for presentations and engagements, eliminating the need for additional materials or external visualisation tools.

Streamline high-quality PDF map creation

The new Map Export feature allows you to seamlessly export map views from Optioneer directly into PDF format with just one click. Each PDF includes a detailed map view, a location context map, and a legend detailing route or site options, active GIS layers, and any visible polygons. This feature enables the creation of high-quality visual materials suitable for reports or public consultations, simplifying external documentation and presentations, directly from the platform.

Why is this a game-changer?

  • Simplified external communication: Facilitates the creation of high-quality, comprehensive materials for reports or public events directly from Optioneer.
  • Seamless user experience: Integrates a crucial workflow step within Optioneer, eliminating the need to use other software for exporting map data, and providing a complete, end-to-end experience.
  • Automated data processing: Automates the traditionally manual process of preparing map data, saving time and reducing errors.

That’s the end of the nine new features released in Optioneer this spring. The new functionality added to the platform moves Optioneer to a new level. Keeping all of your project planning in one place and outputting your reporting automatically or creating powerful 3D and animated visualisations at the click of a button, not only saves you time, but also allows you to have a more detailed view of your project plans much earlier in the process. In the long run, more detail, earlier, saves time, money and hassle for you and your team.

At Continuum Industries, we’re now working hard on our next batch of updates, releasing in the summer, so watch this space. Meantime if you’d like to find out more information about any of Optioneer’s product features, our team would love to talk to you.

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Optioneer Product Update
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