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Continuum Industries Wins Pipeline Technology Award

Tech Company’s AI Solution for Optioneering Wins Award

Edinburgh, September 15th 2021: The Pipeline Industries Guild, the respected worldwide authority across all branches of the pipeline industry, has named Continuum Industries as one of the winners of their annual Utility Pipeline Technology Award. The award recognises those who have made the most significant contribution to utility pipeline technology.

Grzegorz Marecki, CEO of Continuum Industries, said;

“We’re delighted to receive this recognition from the Pipeline Industries Guild. Continuum Industries have developed an AI-driven solution, Optioneer, that lets you rapidly examine thousands of pipeline design options, in greater detail, much earlier in projects.
Optioneer has already been used on thousands of kilometres of pipelines — and we think it is going to quickly change how the industry approaches planning and design of pipelines as well as other linear projects.”

The Pipeline Industries Guild organises three annual technology awards that span subsea, land-based, and utility pipelines. Continuum Industries entered the utility pipeline technology award but was also shortlisted within the land-based pipeline technology award. For these awards, the judges were looking for evidence within submissions that the solution could:

  • Provide the industry with something it did not have before
  • Extend current technology
  • Provide possible future applications in cost reduction, improve safety or environmental protection
  • Overcome a challenge in application on new or existing technology in a new or existing area
  • Provide a reason for the industry to change its modus operandi

Along with Mott MacDonald, Continuum Industries was awarded the Utility Pipeline Technology Award, triumphing against other finalists that included Ant Hire Solutions, Cadent and Steve Vick International, the National Association of Drainage Contractors and eviFile, R2M and Anglian Water.

The award recognised that Continuum Industries’ new AI-driven solution, Optioneer, can lead to a step change in the planning and design of all types of pipeline projects. Optioneer allows users to rapidly examine thousands of pipeline design options, in greater detail, much earlier in projects. It can also be applied to any type of linear project and is already being deployed on major projects outside of the pipeline industry.

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