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Continuum Industries to support SGN and National Gas Transmission in their efforts to accelerate the hydrogen plans for Scotland and southern England.


SGN has recently announced that they are intensifying their efforts to expedite the development and connection of crucial hydrogen production and storage facilities. 

Working alongside leading engineering firm Wood, our team will deploy Optioneer™ to enable SGN to determine the optimal route and design for their hydrogen transmission infrastructure in a series of pre-FEED studies (early stage project development) that will be carried out over the next 12 months. In addition to generating tailored routing options, Optioneer enables project teams to compare and evaluate options, iterate when new data arises and keep a record of key decisions made while streamlining the project process and facilitating more dynamic engagement with stakeholders.

The SGN-led projects will connect to the national transmission system operated by National Gas Transmission who previously piloted Optioneer as part of
the Project Union
, a pioneering endeavour exploring the development of a UK hydrogen backbone.

H2 Caledonia combines two pre-FEED projects in Scotland’s Central Belt and Fife’s East Coast, and will integrate with the Aberdeen Vision study currently underway. With these programmes, SGN will explore the development of blue and green hydrogen production across Scotland, and the creation of a hydrogen ecosystem.

Image kindly provided by SGN

H2 Connect will concentrate on developing an optimised design to connect a hydrogen network in central southern England. This initiative will focus on future expansion plans for hydrogen production, storage, and imports in the Solent region.

Image kindly provided by SGN

Continuum Industries’ COO, Adam Anyszewski, said:

“We are extremely excited and proud to be partnering with Wood and SGN on the latest hydrogen pipeline network developments across Scotland and in the south of England. Our software, Optioneer, is helping to make strategic decisions which balance the impact on the environment and communities with safety and cost considerations. These pipeline projects, once completed, will be serving future generations for decades to come - what a reason to get out of bed in the morning!”

SGN’s Hydrogen Solutions Lead, Fergus Tickell, said:

“To meet the UK and Scottish Government’s respective net zero commitments, the system transformation of the gas networks to 100% hydrogen offers customers and policymakers a potentially low-disruption and cost-effective decarbonisation pathway for home heating and industry. The projects represent continued preparation of our gas network to distribute greener alternatives to help meet government net zero targets. H2 Caledonia, H2 Connect and Project Union are key drivers in demonstrating how the gas industry can safely and practically transport hydrogen through its network of pipes, plus the strategic planning required for system transformations, while converting gas networks in an affordable and practical way that guarantees the continued security of supply to consumers and businesses.”

Danielle Stewart, Project Union Director at National Gas Transmission, said:

“Together, these projects stretch the length and breadth of Britain. They’re ambitious but practical contributions towards hydrogen becoming a mainstream clean energy solution. As well as decarbonising gas networks, the projects have the potential to improve our energy security and resilience and empower a UK-wide hydrogen economy. The outcome will be a programme of ‘no regrets’ investments to inform energy policy and enable both the UK and Scottish Governments to make progress in realising its hydrogen ambitions. We believe hydrogen will deliver the flexibility our energy system needs at the lowest long-term cost to the consumer – exciting projects like these are demonstrating that.”

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