More options, greater detail,
much earlier in projects.

Key decisions at the start of projects can create or destroy significant value.

But schedule and cost constraints limit the number of options and level
of detail that you can consider before selecting a preferred option.

Our technology, Optioneer, uses AI so that you can rapidly explore
thousands of options in much more detail, with little effort.

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Water & Gas Pipelines
Cables and Overhead Lines

Project stages

Early project scoping
Route optioneering
Automation of design
Environmental impact

Transform your project development process

Optioneer™, uses artificial intelligence to rapidly examine options for design, routing, installation and mitigation of linear infrastructure.

This reduces the time and effort for project development teams to assess route options against multiple criteria, estimate key quantities and costs, and assess factors such as environmental impact or proximity to sensitive areas. They can therefore consider hundreds of route options in detail within the timescales and budget available. 

With Optioneer the project team is able to demonstrate a robust options selection process by providing strong evidence to justify a preferred route option during consenting, consultation and environmental impact assessment.

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Optioneering has never been quicker and more thorough

Optioneer is a cloud-based tool that lets you automate your existing design optioneering process, efficiently capture geospatial and engineering detail and iterate through thousands of scenarios to find the best design options.

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Incredible companies use Optioneer

The future of civil engineering is a human + machine team

Mott MacDonald and Continuum Industries have teamed up to combine the best of human and artificial intelligence (AI).

This case study showcases how engineers can apply AI to do much faster, more detailed optioneering at the start of any linear project and save millions in project costs.

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