Optioneer helps SSEN Transmission choose the final alignment for a renewable energy development in West of Scotland

SSEN Transmission are responsible for providing grid connections for renewable generation in the North of Scotland. New renewable energy connection requests mean that new export connections are required, either as a reinforcement of an existing line or a new line.

High volumes of work and a challenging consenting landscape result in risks of project delays and excessive demand on internal resources. 

The pilot of Optioneer on a 132kV wind farm extension project in Scotland yielded significant time savings (-60% of programme length) when used to help with selection of a preferred, detailed alignment.

Previously, Optioneer was mostly used for front-end, early-stage routing. In this project, finer resolution for analysis and more detailed data allowed to gain insight into alignment options before site visits and collect data during site visits more effectively.

Options refined after the site visit were all analysed against the same set of assessment metrics which followed internal reporting requirements of SSEN Transmission. This ultimately compressed the project timeline without compromising confidence in robust decision making.

“Optioneer helped the project overcome a programme risk and provided detailed overhead line (OHL) alignment options for the proposed wind farm development. The process significantly reduced traditional timescales required for detailed OHL routeing and the team at Continuum effectively adapted to the project needs, delivered on time and provided excellent support following the completion of the OHL alignment options.”
Conal Brown, Senior Development Project Manager, SSEN Transmission

the Case study

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